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Garage Flooring To Upgrade Your Huntsville Property

Garage Flooring

Update your Huntsville garage with all-new epoxy garage flooring from the pros at Star Spangled Epoxy! We offer Huntsville home and business owners quality affordable epoxy floor solutions. We take the time to engage with property owners to help come up with an economical solution that meets their property's needs. Updating your garage flooring is one way to create a customized and clean workspace without spending a fortune.

At Star Spangled Epoxy we offer garage epoxy flooring for Huntsville and the surrounding areas. Whether your garage flooring is dull or stained, or you simply want to protect it, epoxy is an affordable solution for both residential and commercial properties.

When Huntsville wants reliable and eye-catching garage flooring they can count on us. Our team of highly-skilled experts have the best equipment plus an eye for detail. Customers benefit from our experience, so they get the peace of mind of knowing the job will be done to the highest professional standard.

Whether it's for home or business, epoxy garage flooring can elevate a space while protecting your concrete. To find out more about getting epoxy garage flooring or schedule a service, call us today at 256-653-7550 to speak with our friendly team and get started.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating: Customizable Colors & Flake Options

Epoxy garage flooring isn't just great value-wise, but it can also customize a space for your home or business. Unique colors, patterns, and flake options allow property owners to take their basic concrete floor from boring to brilliant!

Adding epoxy to your garage flooring is a great way to increase its durability and lifespan but it's also a way to put your custom spin on things. If you have a business, add custom colors to match your logo and take things to a new level. Blue flooring with yellow chips or bright red with black chips is an eye-catching combination that makes a lasting impression on customers.

When you want epoxy flooring done your way, call the pros from Star Spangled Epoxy at 256-653-7550 to schedule your next appointment.

Update Your Space With Outdoor Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a durable surface that works well both inside and out. If you have a restaurant with outdoor dining, a patio at home, or a surrounding pool area, Epoxy flooring can increase the area's aesthetics, making it look clean and fresh for years to come.

An epoxy floor is not only strong but it is stain resistant. If you have a dining patio this means spills from food or drinks won't leave their mark.

Ready to take your outdoor space up a notch? Epoxy flooring is an affordable solution that will give you the most for your investment. Get epoxy outdoor flooring for your space when you call 256-653-7550 and book an appointment today!

Recent Garage Flooring Projects

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“Tuxedo” HalfCourt Basketball Court

For this project, our customer requested that we fill the expansion joints in the garage. We took our time, and made sure we adequately filled the joints. We got everything level and smoothe, and then began our standard preparation process. After grinding the floor, and vacuuming […]

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